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CCH Axcess Workflow
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With greater visibility into projects and processes, firms can work more efficiently and create room for growth. CCH Axcess Workflow's browser-based interface offers a modern user experience from almost any computer, and integration with the CCH Axcess platform provides key workflow functionality across multiple areas within a firm. Increase capacity and free up more time to focus on what matters most by:

  • Improving accountability and staff flexibility
  • Breaking down knowledge silos 
  • Leveraging on-demand updates and reports
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Paperless tax software for tax, audit and accounting firms


Improve productivity

Reduce reliance on email and limit the impact of staff turnover with centralized knowledge of projects and clients. Managers can easily monitor projects and shift tasks or resources when necessary.


Maximize expertise

Keep track of due dates across many different jurisdictions and tax return types. Stay up to date on deadline changes and easily shift projects when deadlines change.


Reduce risk

Project sign-offs reduce risk of inadequate reviews. Users can sign their name and date the stages of the workflow process as the complete on a per-task basis.


Firm growth and profitability

Your firm can add new functionality, rapidly, without the need for new IT infrastructure. The Firm Administration Manager centralizes staff management so administrators can handle seasonal staffing changes quickly and easily.

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Centralized workflow automation in the cloud

  • Tax Compliance
  • Audit Engagements

  • Client Accounting Services 

Deliver tax returns correctly and effectively

Organizations looking to prioritize due date tracking, risk mitigation, work quality and employee engagement can benefit from CCH Axcess Workflow’s advanced productivity features. Tax professionals can manage returns with multiple team members where deadlines are critical and risk can be high. CCH Axcess Workflow streamlines operational processes and administrative requests, so you can be certain that work will be completed on time, accurately and within budget.

Tax workflows

Complete audit engagements on time and under budget

CCH Axcess Workflow helps Accounting & Audit professionals manage their pre-engagement scheduling and post-engagement reporting, peer review and more. It streamlines data gathering for peer review by keeping real-time data in one place so you don’t’ have to manually aggregate it from multiple systems. With CCH Axcess Workflow, auditors and practice leaders can staff jobs with the right people, manage budge expectations, and coordinate operational processes and administrative requests.
Audit Engagements

Scale up your Client Accounting Services (CAS)

CCH Axcess Workflow has built-in tools and functionality that enable CAS departments to manage each client through configurable, firm-specific workflows, processes, procedures and terminology. CCH Axcess Workflow’s checklists are flexible and dynamic to enable project managers to delegate CAS responsibilities to colleagues within the software, automatically populating each employee’s personal checklists with their assigned tasks. Users can enter Points to include important instructions or context, or to ask any questions that come up during a project. These insights follow a task from user to user and allow for multiway, open communication as a project moves through the workflow.

CAS workflows

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Friedman LLP saves time and streamlines workflows with CCH Axcess
"It really was a no brainer
David Schneyman
Friedman LLP

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