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Accounting firms generate and store a lot of data, but it can be difficult to organize and make sense of it all. The CCH Axcess Data Axcess Utility extracts the firm's client, project and billing data from CCH Axcess™ into a local SQL instance, where it can be used to create custom reports or integrate with third-party report writers or business intelligence platforms. To help you utilize this data, CCH Axcess Data Axcess Solutions include off-the-shelf and do-it-yourself options, including custom dashboard creation as well as Power BI training to help you augment your data analytics skills.

CCH Axcess Data Axcess Solutions allow you to make changes in your firm operations to improve efficiency and profitability. Since you can monitor your KPIs daily, you can better understand trends, validate the integrity of how you are entering data and identify problems earlier than you can with a traditional monthly reporting process.

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  • CCH Axcess Data Axcess dashboards

  • Custom dashboards & reporting 
  • Power BI training

7 pre-built dashboards, ready to use

Business intelligence solutions tend to be difficult to use. Creating dashboards requires unique skills in understanding the source data and using special software. Most firms don’t have the time or skillset necessary for this approach.

CCH Axcess Data Axcess Dashboards provide seven ready-to-use dashboards that enable firms to dynamically slice and dice data. By diving deeper into their data, firms can learn where they can improve both in business and internal processes. The pre-built dashboards provides data visualizations of KPIs focused on Firm Health, Partner Performance, Staff Metrics, Revenue Growth, AR & Collections, Project Status & Resourcing and Marketing.

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Let our consultants build exactly what you need

Since most firms don’t have the time or skillset to create their own custom dashboards, the Wolters Kluwer Professional & Client Services team can create custom dashboards for you. This service is helpful for firms that want dashboards other than the six templates provided in Data Axcess Dashboards. Custom dashboards can be created based on your preferences, in almost any platform, including Microsoft Power BI or Tableau.

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Learn how to do it yourself

Data analytics skills are in high demand, and Microsoft Power BI is a leading solution. For firms that want to build their own dashboards and be able to customize them as needed, Power BI training can help them learn the skills necessary. The Introduction to Power BI web-based training uses Wolters Kluwer product-oriented datasets in guided steps to help firms learn the fundamentals of Power BI. An additional Power BI Workshop provides specialized assistance for firms that want a consultant to help them create custom reports/ data visualizations.

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Learn how CCH Axcess Data Axcess Solutions help firms improve operations and increase accountability.

Gain actionable intelligence from your firm's data

Porte Brown Testimonial

Improve operations and increase accountability

“One of the big things that we’re hoping to do is to make this part of our fabric. We’re doing the dashboards internally right now and our hope is to also start doing these for clients. It’s going to be everything we eat, sleep and breathe.”

Pam Metzger, CMO
Porte Brown

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