CCH Tagetik iXBRL software (powered by CoreFiling): the fastest and most accurate way to file iXBRL

Get confident in your iXBRL filings for the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) with CCH Tagetik iXBRL (powered by CoreFiling). Our automated, cloud-based solution is compliant to the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) requirements as guaranteed by the SOC certification. It combines best-in-class financial management with the market leading iXBRL filer so you tag filings faster and more accurately.

CoreFiling’s learning engine taps into CCH Tagetik’s single data source and integrates with our entire fleet of financial management tools, including CCH Tagetik Consolidation and CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office. The result? Your iXBRL filings are automatically tagged at the click of a button in ESEF format. With financial management and iXBRL technology combined in one solution, you’ll consolidate results, manage taxonomies, reuse tags across time periods, and validate results in a single platform.

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3 reasons why CCH Tagetik iXBRL (powered by CoreFiling) let's you focus on your business

  • Erste Group
Now we're all facing iXBRL reporting, everyone who is stock listed, any security will need to report this format, well, CCH Tagetik has simply developed it, so they grow with you as they always did in the past and that's really a huge advantage.
Christian Fritz

iXBRL (powered by CoreFiling)

CoreFiling’s machine learning engine is the game changing force behind CCH Tagetik for iXBRL. The more you tag, the more accurate it becomes, the faster you create filings. The result? Error-free, compliant filings that you prepare painlessly.

  • When data changes, numbers and text auto-update
  • Smart tagging auto-tags tables and free text
  • Re-use tags across different time periods
  • Automatically validate tags to verify results
  • Roll over tags from previous periods
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Key benefits

By integrating iXBRL with CCH Tagetik Consolidation and Collaborative Office, you’ll create iXBRL filings with the same financial intelligence, automation, workflow and control functions as you do to consolidate results and produce annual reports.

  • Automatically complete reports with CCH Tagetik data
  • Create reports quickly in MS Word and Excel
  • Seamlessly integrates with CCH Tagetik solutions
  • Ready out-of-the-box in a cloud-based solution
  • We manage ESMA taxonomy changes for you
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Tackling uncertainties: How Erste Group transformed their financial consolidation with CCH® Tagetik
使用 CCH Tagetik 的軟體管理您的財務結算與合併,從當地結算到集團合併,再到監管報告與揭露。
CCH Tagetik 預算編制,規劃与预测解決方案助您步入預算規劃的新阶段。
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