Enter the next evolution of CPM with CCH Tagetik powered by the Analytic Information Hub

Go beyond basic CPM. The Analytic Information Hub is a game-changing performance engine that centralizes and transforms high volumes of granular financial and operational data — quickly.

The Analytic Information Hub underpins CCH Tagetik solutions. It gives you the power to mine insights from all types of granular data, boosting consolidation, planning, profitability analysis and regulatory reporting with information from its trusted source. The result? The Analytic Information Hub enables you to perform driver-based planning, detailed profitability analysis, and integrated business planning and reporting. You’ll complete cycles faster, enrich plans with value-added information, and make decisions with a complete view of your organization in mind.

Turn your data into information, gain actionable insights and elevate strategic decision making with CCH Tagetik, powered by the Analytic Information Hub.

The CCH Tagetik Analytic Information Hub received a Silver Stevie Award in the Financial Management Solutions category of the 2020 American Business Awards and has been recognized with a 2020 Stevie’s People’s Choice Award in the same category based on a worldwide public vote.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Analytic Information Hub lets you focus on your business

  • Driscoll’s
  • BNP Paribas Fortis
  • Coty
Now, we use a tool that can manage large volumes of data and house information from different ERP systems. All our information is in one place, and CCH Tagetik gives us the flexibility to create various reports. Our data refreshes hourly, which helps us complete analysis faster, especially during month-end close.
Jessica Rocha
CCH Tagetik will give the end users better and easier access to the same data that will be both at the granular level and higher level, according to the needs and it still will be coherent, because it will be centralized into the same system.
Karel Geerardyn
We can see benefits the fact that we budget at quite a granular level, we built up our budget bottom up and we plan at SKU level in some areas, so for us the ability to build all types of hierarchies is proving wonders and the ability also to recreate our processes at a granular level in CCH Tagetik has been amazing.
Natasha McKenzie

Analytic Information Hub demo

When traditional CPM isn’t enough, the Analytic Information Hub is. Our powerful engine makes it possible to explore the full potential of your corporate data and put your insights into action.

  • Empower financial processes with granular data
  • Collect, validate, transform, and normalize data
  • Explore your data according to unlimited dimensions
  • Easily configurable by finance and business users
  • Data governance through a dataflow and audit trail
索取 demo

Driscoll's improved reporting with granular data and 50% faster processing

Process data faster. Analyze granular information. Accelerate report production. The Analytic Information Hub allows you to plan, budget, and analyze data across unlimited dimensions and at any level of detail — without depending on IT.

  • Transform granular data into actionable insights
  • Drill-down to details for a full organizational view
  • Connect finance and business with trusted data source
  • A basis for machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Finance-owned, reducing dependency on IT
索取 demo
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