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Policy on communications and bilateral contacts with investors


Wolters Kluwer attaches great value to a good relationship with its shareholders and investors (jointly referred to as “investors”) and analysts. The objective is to provide clear, transparent, accurate and timely information to our investors about developments at Wolters Kluwer, ensuring that relevant information is equally and simultaneously provided and accessible to all interested parties. Such information is made available through annual and quarterly reports, press releases, presentations to investors and the Wolters Kluwer website. In addition, Wolters Kluwer organizes analyst conferences, regular road shows for investors and conference calls.

Any explanations and discussions shall be based on information which is already in the public domain. Wolters Kluwer shall not disclose stock price sensitive information during meetings with investors or analysts. If price sensitive information is inadvertently disclosed during these meetings, Wolters Kluwer will make such information public as soon as possible.


Events and presentations organized by Wolters Kluwer are open to analysts and investors and will be announced in advance on our corporate website All analysts and investors are given the opportunity to follow these meetings by telephone or through the internet (webcast). Presentations given during these meetings – if any – shall be posted on Wolters Kluwer’s corporate website.

Bilateral contacts with shareholders

Wolters Kluwer may also engage in bilateral contacts with (potential) investors and analysts. The main objective of such bilateral contacts is to explain Wolters Kluwer’s strategy and operational performance and answer questions. For such bilateral contacts Wolters Kluwer has established the following policy rules:

  • Bilateral contacts may be initiated at the request of Wolters Kluwer or a (potential) investor or analyst.
  • Any contacts shall in principle be conducted by a member of the Executive Board or the Vice President Investor Relations, occasionally supplemented by other Wolters Kluwer employees.
  • In principle no bilateral contacts shall take place in the silent periods prior to our Annual and Half Year results, and quarterly trading updates.  
  • Wolters Kluwer reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, whether it will accept invitations from shareholders or investors, or parties representing shareholders or investors, to engage in such a dialogue. Wolters Kluwer may ask for further clarification on the views, aims and short or long-term investment objectives of such shareholders before accepting or rejecting any invitation to engage in dialogue outside the context of a formal shareholder meeting.
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