Wolters Kluwer has 100% free float and a widely distributed, global shareholder base. Approximately 86% of the issued ordinary shares of Wolters Kluwer is held by institutional investors. The remaining 14% is either unidentified, held by broker-dealers or retail investors, or held in treasury by Wolters Kluwer. As of December 2022, 42% of our issued ordinary shares is held by investors in North America, mainly the United States and Canada. Institutions based in the United Kingdom held 22%, while institutions based in continental Europe owned 18%. Institutions in Asia Pacific & Rest of World owned approximately 4% of our issued share capital. 

Geographical distribution of issued ordinary shares

Please consult the website of the Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) for details of investors who have disclosed shareholdings in Wolters Kluwer to the AFM.
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