Approximately 87% of the issued ordinary share capital of Wolters Kluwer is held by institutional investors. The remaining shares are held by retail investors, broker-dealers, or are held in treasury by Wolters Kluwer. Nearly two thirds of the shares held by institutional investors are with firms that designate themselves as socially responsible (SRI) and approximately 15% are in core SRI or ESG funds. As of November 2019, approximately 24% of institutionally-held shares were held in passive, index or quant funds. Investors in the United States hold the largest percentage of institutionally-held shares. Approximately 43% of institutionally-owned shares is held in North America, 29% in the United Kingdom and 24% in Continental Europe.

Geographical distribution of Wolters Kluwer shares held by institutions

Please consult the website of the Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) for details of investors who have disclosed shareholdings in Wolters Kluwer to the AFM.​