Optimizing compliance in healthcare

Between CMS, The Joint Commission, and a new era of value-based care, compliance with regulatory agencies and governments in the United States has never been more complex. As hospital and pharmacy leaders assess safety and standards in a changing policy landscape, they have no shortage of data with which to identify risks, narrow gaps, achieve certifications, and preempt noncompliance.

However, one challenge that could jeopardize compliance efforts is a fragmentation of those insights. Leaders need standardized and streamlined access to data to help guide decisions around staff training, competency development, improving health outcomes, and infrastructural investments. And they need assurances that this data will stay uncompromised in an age of unrelenting cyber threats.

With sophisticated tools that make data more accessible, actionable, and secure, our cloud-based solutions integrate into existing systems to keep healthcare compliance and excellence top-of-mind without disrupting everyday workflows. It’s through this essential balance that we help teams navigate new complexities so that you can do what matters most: delivering the best care everywhere.

Compliance solutions for hospitals and health systems

As changing policies and mandates add to other pressures like staff shortages and financial constraints, leaders need support to cut through the complexity and stay compliant. Explore solutions to help educate clinicians, automate workflows, activate on data, and mitigate risks.

Compliance solutions for hospital and retail pharmacies

As pharmacies reckon with changing policy and guidance, they need straightforward tools and resources to keep pharmacy compliance on track. With extensive drug management and alert systems, these standardized solutions help teams navigate inspections, reporting, decision-making, and more with ease.

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