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2022 Wolters Kluwer Global Innovation Award winners

Wolters Kluwer has long adopted the ideology that innovation is everyone’s job. The Global Innovation Awards (GIA) – a worldwide competition encouraging the development and implementation of innovative solutions from within – are not just a program to foster innovation, but a practice and culture which enables employees at all levels to use their knowledge, competencies, and creativity to help professionals make a difference when it matters the most.  

“GIA is a testament to the incredible spirit of Wolters Kluwer, where collaboration, innovation, and technological expertise come together to create solutions. This competition represents the work we do at Wolters Kluwer every day: innovative solutions that are based on the needs of our customers and what we can learn from them. Ideas that have emerged from GIA have become best practices, both within our company and for our customers. I am continually impressed by the hard work and dedication of the employees who participate in the GIA process, and proud to be part of an organization committed to creating a better tomorrow,” says Nancy McKinstry, CEO and Board Member Wolters Kluwer.  

For the 12th consecutive year, Wolters Kluwer hosted the Global Innovation Awards with remarkable results from the creative minds of our employees. Participation and enthusiasm in this yearly competition have historically been quite high, and 2022 was no exception, with more than 450 entries submitted from around the company (tripled the number of submissions compared to last year).  

GIA is the cornerstone of our innovation efforts, with 75% of winning ideas brought to life as new products and services that support our ongoing transition to global platforms and cloud-based comprehensive expert solutions.  

All employees are eligible to submit a pitch in the areas of internal processes, game-changers, and core business. The pitches may come from an already-existing pipeline, recently launched products and services, or projects that address commercial or customer issues and are still in the planning stages. The Innovation Board, chaired by CEO Nancy McKinstry and consisting of internal stakeholders and prominent innovators from other organizations, evaluates each pitch in the finalist round and selects the winner.    

Meet the winners:  
Meet a few of our innovation contest winners and learn about their experiences since the competition.  

First category: Game changer  

Second Category: Enhance the Core

Third and last category: Internal Process improvement 

At Wolters Kluwer, innovation does indeed matter. Over the years, the company’s dedication to continual innovation and improvement has yielded significant results internally, and for our customers.  
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