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In a rapidly changing industry, life sciences organizations are grappling with how to build a data and reference strategy that unifies teams and overcomes the challenges posed by fragmented clinical and drug information.

To remain competitive and create business operations that sustain growth, these organizations need a partner that is future-facing and can help them unify their teams with broad, deep, and trusted content.

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82% of life sciences customers say UpToDate helps their organization make better decisions.1

UpToDate for Life Sciences
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Leverage both clinical and drug information to drive business decisions
UpToDate® for Life Sciences offers both clinical insights from the industry’s most trusted clinical evidence resource, alongside up-to-the-minute drug pricing data and analysis powered by Medi-Span®. Find out how one solution suite can align your departments to drive business decisions and drug development.

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How can UpToDate medical knowledge help across your life sciences organization?


Research & development

  • Review current clinical best practices and treatment regimens from the perspective of practicing clinicians, who are leaders in the topic being discussed.
  • Quickly access the underlying evidence, including care guidelines and research studies that are used to develop best practices and recommendations.
  • Enhance selection when identifying pretrial participants with insight into disease/condition presentation and current treatments.


Medical affairs & pharmacovigilance

  • Research epidemiology and treatment standards for diseases.
  • Evaluate the sustainability of drugs for testing based on mechanism of action.
  • Consult evidence to inform clinical trials.
  • Research adverse reactions to understand which are related to specific therapies.
  • Learn about conditions for which certain treatments and protocols are indicated and why.


Market intelligence

  • Derive insights from UpToDate drug topics, which go beyond basic drug information to deliver unique clinical perspective.
  • Understand how experimental drugs may fit into existing treatment paradigms.
  • Provide in-depth drug and clinical information to support sales training.
  • Track competitor drugs, including off-label uses supported by clinicians and the medical literature, to better position current drugs in development.
  • Maintain a constant understanding of competitive pricing.

"UpToDate is helping us develop better products."

– Clinical Pharmacologist

Expertly curated information to enhance research and strategic goals

UpToDate for Life Sciences covers 25+ specialties and has 7,300+ unique drug entries, as well as clinical insights and pricing data. This evidence-based, expertly curated information can enhance research, advance formulary development, inform clinical trials, and support discovery and strategic goals. 

Learn more about our content development editorial process and its power to keep the latest evidence in-workflow and at the finger tips of users throughout your organization.

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