The Benefits of an AI-Enabled Paperless Tax Workflow
Debra Zarzycki discusses The Bonadio Group's digital tax workflow.
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Firms that don’t fully commit to an integrated digital tax workflow solution can find themselves wasting time and leaving clients less than satisfied. It’s inefficient to have some steps that are automated and others that still require shuffling papers. If every part of your tax prep process doesn’t work together, technology can be working against you, not for you. 

With a modern, AI-enabled digital tax workflow, firms can improve efficiency, empower staff, increase client satisfaction, and achieve sustainable growth.

Automate Your Tax Workflow 
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End-to-End Tax Return Automation

  • 1. Obtain
  • 2. Organize
  • 3. Prep & Review
  • 4. Sign & File
  • 5. Deliver & Store
  • 6. Invoice & Receive
Manage Complexity and Add Value for Clients 
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