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Benefit from industry-leading accuracy and speed that will allow you to efficiently deliver better results for your customers. Through our online platform, iLien Motor Vehicle, or via integration with our API, you can process title and registration, lien add/remove/change, lien release, title correction or change, duplicate title, due diligence, VIN searches, auto title search service, and more for a wide portfolio of commercial and consumer vehicle types and specialty high-value assets, all in one place.

Title management

Ensure your paper and electronic titles — in all jurisdictions in all 50 states — are automatically up to date, with reporting tools that give you peace of mind and reduce risk by letting you know when updates are needed and what to do to help stay perfected. Our industry-leading vehicle title management service provides full support throughout the entire lifecycle of storing and releasing paper and electronic titles, no matter what adjustments need to be made along the way.

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Our singular focus on lenders built an industry-leading solution that delivers compliance, offers more automation, works nationwide, and works to eliminate lenders’ risk.
Wolters Kluwer: The gold standard in titling solutions

Our industry-leading vehicle titling service, uniquely designed for lenders, offers an unmatched level of speed and service. This single efficient, reliable digital platform — complemented by our 40+ years of expertise, powerful APIs, and expansive vendor network — helps secure lien perfection and reduces risk across your portfolio.

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Lien Solutions Professional Services
Lien Solutions professional services  offers iLien Motor Vehicle system API integration for seamless transfer of data between iLien and your internal systems. Save time and prevent keying errors in processing lien adds and requesting duplicate titles. 

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