Mariam Khalil Fernández is a Clinical Consulting Director for Wolters Kluwer who is discovering opportunities for improvement in healthcare by leveraging IT solutions.

Fernández brings extensive international experience to her position at Wolters Kluwer Health. After spending a year as a Market Strategy Manager for Medi-Span International, she is now a Clinical Consulting Director for this valuable drug data solution. Her passion is uncovering pathways to improving healthcare outcomes and facilitating more effective and safer clinical processes while reducing costs.

She gained her unique ability to form well-rounded perspectives on health, human interactions, and business through her varied studies. Not only is Fernández a registered nurse, but she also holds a Master of Health Science, a Master’s of Science in Nursing, and is pursuing an MBA.

After working as an RN, she spent 12 years with the Cerner Corporation — first as a consultant and then as a senior healthcare executive for international markets. She went on to offer her services as an RN in the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak and landed with Wolters Kluwer Health at the end of 2021.

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