Tailor omni-channel plans to fit customer demand with CCH Tagetik for Retail.

Fulfilling customer demands, conflicting channel goals, rising costs — the pressures of omni-channel retail run long. CCH Tagetik for Retail provides you with unprecedented insight into costs and revenue so you can improve cross-channel profitability.

To align corporate, digital, and store-level strategy, our solution streamlines financial processes and centralizes all data, plans, and people in a single platform. Equipped with high-powered data processing, you can drill into performance indicators, test driver-based models, and simulate cost scenarios, while seeing the impact on the P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow. Since your CCH Tagetik plans are live with real-time data, you can sync critical information — like sales and inventory — and always keep up with customer demand.

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3 reasons why CCH Tagetik CPM Solutions for Retail lets you focus on your business

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We chose CCH Tagetik due to its unified architecture, database stability, flexible scalability and rich, built-in features like data traceability. We were impressed that CCH Tagetik’s consultants were able to adapt the application to our specific business needs.
Claudia Perico
With CCH Tagetik, we’ve been able to streamline our financial processes while providing much more detailed and meaningful reporting. The significant time savings allows us to do much more analysis for decision support.
Karsten Noth
We use CCH Tagetik as a uniform data source. In the past, the documents we needed had to be gathered from different folders. We can now find everything at a glance in a comprehensible and system-supported manner. This eliminates unnecessary duplicate work, which contributes significantly to acceleration.
Bjorn Hoffmann
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Manage and monitor store performance

Manage existing stores, temporary closings, and plan out new stores using automated revenue modeling. By pre-seeding data from comparable stores in new budgets, you can anticipate store traffic, customer conversion rate, and number of transactions with greater accuracy.

  • Track cash impact of markdowns, inventory turns
  • Employee-level detail by store or department
  • Revenue planning at any level, including store or channel
  • Monitor costs by SKU, retail outlet and more
  • Interactive dashboards and visualizations
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Retail financial and operational planning

Retail analytics, staff scheduling, store revenue forecasts, inventory planning, CAPEX — our end-to-end solution automatically cascades real-time information into plans so you can grow sales, increase efficiency, and have the right products at the right time.

  • Consolidate corporate and store-level planning
  • Monitor metrics of stores, suppliers and customers
  • Know labor costs by store, department or employee
  • Optimize costs by shelf space, brand or product
  • Align sales and operational plans with financial goals
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Happy Customers
CCH Tagetik's CPM Solutions for Retail is trusted by leading companies across all industries.

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