Measure the impact of capital expenses on financial plans with the CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Capital Expense Planning

When the pressure to make flash decisions is on, the CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Capital Expenses Planning app helps you make calculated decisions that benefit your organization both today and in the long run.

Whether your organization is contemplating buying a new building, containing expenses during a market shift , or simply managing monthly fixed costs, our app’s best practice templates automatically populate with your CAPEX data. From there, you can lay out the entire financial lifespan of the asset month-over-month, year-over-year — including its depreciation pattern, the accounts it impacts, and its useful life.

Our solution projects capital expenditures onto your financial plans so you can view the impact immediately. With this pre-packaged, ready-to-go solution, you’ll have all the tools you need to ensure capital expenses meet your short-term needs and future growth objectives.

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Key capabilities you will gain with Capital Expenses Planning by CCH Tagetik

Each pre-packaged function in this app is based on over ten years of customer insight. Powered by our high-performance data engine and housed in the cloud, you can create plans, models, and projections anytime and from anywhere.

  • Plan, add and classify assets in unlimited categories
  • Use pre-packaged or custom depreciation calculations
  • Multi-year planning, currency conversion, reporting templates
  • What-if scenario planning, modeling, and simulations
  • Integration with projected P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow
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Key benefits you will gain with CCH Tagetik Capital Expenses Planning

Built to get you up-and-running fast, this app was designed with a user-friendly front-end that Finance can easily navigate. Extend it, custom it, scale it up: Finance can do it all easily and without IT involvement.

  • Determine depreciation pattern, accounts impacted, and useful life
  • Model capital projects with detailed drivers
  • Display capital spending KPIs on dashboards
  • See the impacts of potential decisions in real-time
  • Speed up approvals using collaborative workflows
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