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Explore the CCH Tagetik Community & Insiders Hub for finance professionals. Engage in gamified challenges, earn rewards, and connect with peers. Unlock the rewards catalog and thrive in CCH Tagetik Insiders!

CCH® Tagetik Insiders is our exclusive advocacy program designed for our customers and partners to collaborate, ideate and grow with other Finance professionals and with CCH® Tagetik. 

Join now and discover a space where you can expand your industry expertise, share your experiences with fellow CCH® Tagetik enthusiasts, and receive recognition for your contributions.

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Become a CCH Tagetik Advocate

In addition to the rewards, CCH Tagetik advocates enjoy:


  • Building relationships
  • Thought leadership exposure
  • Recognition from peers, their company, and media
  • Skills development & expertise for career advancement
  • Networking and peer-to-peer discovery
  • Rewards

Do you have questions?

  • What is a "customer/partner advocacy program?"

    A customer/partner advocacy program is a fancy way to say first and foremost, Tagetik is focused on our customers and partners. Formalizing this into a program allows us to rally our most engaged customers and partners and recognize their contribution to our success. Through an advocacy program, we can reach out to you on a much more regular basis and reward you for spending your time and effort to help other members of the Tagetik community.

  • How do I become a Tagetik Insiders?

    Registration is quick and easy. If you’re ready to join the Tagetik Insiders team right now, complete the registration form. Once you’ve completed the form, a member of our program team will send you a registration link. We’ll check in with you regularly to see how you’re doing and show you ways you can share your experience and insight. By the way, you’ll receive your first points after you register and complete your profile.

  • What are some of the ways I can participate?

    There are many ways to participate. From short surveys or sharing news and content about Tagetik through social media to more in-depth involvement as a guest speaker at an online webinar or conference. Refer business, have a conversation with a peer who’s considering Tagetik or help us with a case study. We look forward to having you as a Finance Heroes!

  • When do I start earning rewards?

    Immediately! Complete your profile after registering and we’ll award you points. We’ll coach you along with some suggestions and challenges. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to accumulate points for rewards.

  • How many points do I earn, and for what?

    Challenges start at 10 points for quick challenges and go up as high as 2000 points for referring a new Tagetik customer. At lower levels, you earn points for tweeting, sharing, surveys and more. At higher levels, you’ll be talking to Industry Analysts, referring contacts and doing other fame-worthy challenges.

  • What kind of rewards will I earn?

    We have a robust rewards catalog including gift cards from some of your favorite online retailers and Tagetik Experiences such as passes to our annual user conference. We also have an option for you to donate your rewards to nationally known nonprofits.

  • What are “levels?”

    Everyone likes a challenge. Everyone likes to win. The levels are part of the fun. They show how you are progressing in your achievements. When you have reached a point threshold, you progress to the next level.

  • How much time do I need to commit?

    It’s really up to you, the Tagetik program is flexible. Some challenges, like a survey, take only a minute or two. Others, such as sharing on social media or writing a paragraph on your Tagetik solution of success, might take 5-30 minutes. Hosting a prospect, speaking at an event, or recording a video can each be an investment of hours. You choose a pace you enjoy and know that we are here to help you.

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