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Monitor and control the progress of both audit and tax engagements, from start to finish.
  • •   Streamline every step, from setup to sign off and finalisation, and then rollover what you need — creating future efficiency gains, too.
  • •   Automate the dissemination of data, from trial balance to workpapers, ensuring accuracy and quality throughout every engagement.
  • •   Minimise the hours spent working with your client to get PBC (Prepared by Client) documents by downloading workpapers directly to the Engagement Binder using Engagement Organiser.

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement is adding value to our customers every day


savings per year by reduction
in operating expenses

2.5 days

improvement in operational process (roll forward binders,
TB tagging and financial statement preparation)


time saving per audit engagement

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Award-winning software for both your audit and tax engagements

2018 Stevie Gold Award

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