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Frequently asked questions about doing business in EMEA

What are considerations for expanding business to the EMEA region?

The EMEA regions provides the potential for strong growth opportunity. Other than longitude, however, little unites this region. EMEA contains incredible political, economic, linguistic, cultural and regional diversity. Understanding each region’s unique business climate is key to developing a strategy for market entry.

What are the benefits of doing business in the European region of EMEA?

Europe is the world’s largest single market and contains many thriving startups. There is also great wealth in the talent pool. The continent is home to some of the leading tech and engineering universities in the world. The legal, regulatory and accounting systems are transparent in this region, which provides a distinct advantage for companies planning a European expansion.

What are the challenges of doing business in EMEA?

There are many challenges associated with doing business in EMEA. For instance, cyberattacks are still a central threat to European expansion, but economic and financial risks also remain a concern. Failure of national governance, failure of financial mechanisms or institutions, unemployment or underemployment and interstate conflict are also considerations for business expansion.

What are the annual filing requirements in EMEA?

Filing requirements in different countries can vary considerably. If you’re working at global, or regional level with responsibility for overseas companies or subsidiaries, it’s important to distinguish between the regulations of the individual markets. Besides differences between deadlines and financial year ends, there can be specific needs depending on the size of a company, and whether it is listed or not.

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