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Lead with a single source of evidence-based truth
Lippincott Solutions New Zealand supports nurses in a rapidly evolving care environment by providing a single source of up-to-date, evidence-based procedures and clinical decision support to help increase nursing competencies and support the standardisation of patient-centred care. 

Nurse leader challenges

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, nurse leaders must balance time and resources with the need to improve nurse well-being, navigate turnover and shortages, and help nurses build the confidence they need to deliver high-quality patient care at the centre.

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Raise the bar on clinical excellence

Provide nurses with evidence-based procedural guidance and clinical decision support tools to reduce variability of care and advance nursing skills, competence, and confidence to improve patient outcomes.
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Strengthen the workforce

Help novice nurses transition to practice while giving experienced nurses and nurse leaders the support they need to increase their clinical knowledge and skills and build competence and confidence.
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Support standardisation and best practices

Stay aligned with point-of-care access to the latest evidence, best practices, procedures, and clinical decision support to increase nursing competencies and standardise patient care delivery.
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Promote a culture of quality care

Build a sustainable culture of safety and quality care that promotes a consistent standard of care, improves patient outcomes, and supports alignment with national health standards.

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Nurse leaders must empower their teams with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make clinical decisions — all while improving staff retention and the quality of patient care. To successfully navigate today’s complex demands and further develop nurse competence and professional development, nurse leaders can leverage Lippincott Solutions New Zealand’s cloud-based software to promote learning and point-of-care decision-making in a single workflow. 

Learn about our impact

Learn how Lippincott® Procedures New Zealand was implemented in partnership with the South Island Alliance and Midland region to provide real-time access to evidence-based procedures and skills in a variety of specialty settings.  
“Transitioning from a paper-based manual that was difficult to keep up to date and keep together to an online, easy-to-access procedural manual was fantastic. It meant that the one manual you had in your clinical area was replaced by a manual you could get access to, no matter where you were.” — Neil Hellewell, nurse educator Canterbury District Health Board

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Discover the organizations we partner with

  • ACNP
  • South Island Alliance and Midland region, New Zealand 
The Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) is the national peak body for Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses in Australia. The ACNP is active in advancing nursing practice and improving access to healthcare through leadership, professional practice support, education, and research. The ACNP is a member of the National Rural Health Alliance and participates in the Choosing Wisely Australia® and Nursing Now global initiatives to improve the safety and quality of healthcare by raising the status and profile of nursing. 
The Lippincott Solutions New Zealand journey commenced with the Wolters Kluwer partnership with the South Island Alliance and Midland Region to implement the New Zealand instance of Lippincott Procedures, providing an online evidence-based resource that provides real-time access to step-by-step guides for more than 1,700 procedures and skills. Clinical expert groups across the country review procedures for the New Zealand context and unique culture, ensuring access to the same knowledge applied to the local population and workforce. 

Latest Expert Insights for nurse leaders

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