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In today’s rapidly changing environment it’s important for accounting firms to get curated insights, analysis and tax news that is up to date and actionable.

Powered by the same team that brings you the New Zealand Master Tax Guide, this tax research platform can provide your firm with balanced tax commentary and source material of the latest legislation, rulings, cases and judgments.

With a complimentary 7-day trial of CCH iKnow you will experience:

  • Online version of the current Updating New Zealand Master Tax Guide. 
  • Thoughtful and considered Topic Guides of key tax topics with links to cases, legislation and rulings.
  • Over 1500 practical tools such as checklists and calculators.
  • Notifications to your inbox on the latest tax news and events as you need them.
  • Easy legislation navigation with CCH iKnow’s 360-degree legislation view.

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