The CCH Business Fitness NZ content suite has now been fully integrated into CCH iKnowConnect.
The content suite is now known as ‘Practical Tools’.

Please note that the content itself hasn’t changed, we’ve simply renamed it for consistency and clarity.

You’ll find the same valuable information that you’re used to under the Business Fitness name.

You can find the Business Fitness Content in two ways:

  • Search results: The content is included in your main search results when you use the search bar in CCH iKnowConnect. Simply filter by the content type ‘Practical tools’
  • Practical Tools Hub: You can also browse this content by clicking on the ‘Practical Tools Hub’ located on the left-hand black navigation spine within CCH iKnowConnect.
Key features & benefits

Immediate benefits

  • Establish best practice across your team
  • Allow more time to focus on your business and your clients
  • Enable delegation
  • Save reviewers’ time
  • Up-skill your staff
  • Consistent task handling and output
  • Facilitate training
  • Accessible anywhere to your team
  • Reduce risk of error
  • Improve profitability
  • Make your life easier


  • Electronic annual workpapers
  • Income tax, GST/FBT procedures
  • Tax disputes toolkit
  • Tax debt management processes
  • Working for Families income calculation tool
  • Rates and Thresholds quick reference guide
  • Annual questionnaire builder
  • Quality control manual
  • Practice review preparation documentation
  • Clever tax calculators including FBT and Provisional tax calculators
  • COVID-19 Business Support tools


  • Client newsletters
  • Client engagement tools
  • Business development processes
  • Business advisory resource library
  • HR documentation for clients
  • Company administration suite
  • Trust administration suite
  • ACC administration suite
  • Debtor management suite
  • New client management
  • Internal risk management
  • Internal HR suite
  • And more...

Core content

Don't take our word for it!
What our customers say...

‘We have always found the content and the support provided by CCH Business Fitness  to be of the highest standard and would thoroughly recommend them to any accounting firm’.

‘I love the fact that they link with MYOB Accountants Office and with the click of a button my GL is loaded into the workpapers.  If I make a change in the GL, I just click the refresh button and all of my workpapers are instantly updated - brilliant!’

‘We were able to recoup the amount we invested in CCH Business Fitness almost  immediately by implementing the ACC Administration and Advisory service.’

‘We needed our team to work more independently, without interrupting us every five minutes. This was the resource that allowed them to do just that.’

‘It was a business case. There’s money in systemisation. We wanted to make more money.’

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