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CCH iKnowConnect is the most valuable resource for today’s legal professional, whether you work in-practice or in-house. With all the comprehensive, up-to-date and in-depth content you’ll ever need - curated by Wolters Kluwer experts, always presenting the latest practical content, commentary, legislation, and rulings.

Deliver timely, confident, and accurate advice – backed by over 50 years’ of Wolters Kluwer knowledge and experience.

Nowhere else can you find this many layers of accurate and relevant content. Delivered through an intuitive interface, that enables legal professionals to work smarter, finding the right answer faster, without skipping the detail.

Access more experts and a broader base of legal content, in an intelligent and contemporary way. With all your favourite features retained – providing superior value to you and your clients.

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AL NZL Service Provider Awards 2023
Wolters Kluwer wins Service Provider Award
2023 Australasian Lawyer Service Award in the Legal Services category

It’s in the layers

How CCH iKnowConnect works for your team

All users gain quick access to the full gamut of legislation and associated source material, including the latest cases, rulings and more, all in one place — with insightful commentary and related content to guide you.
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Connecting you to industry-leading legal content and commentary

Why CCH iKnowConnect?

Expert content with real world examples, direct access to source materials alongside practical tools, all in one convenient place.

CCH iKnowConnect enables you to step through complex legal issues quickly and confidently with increased efficiency and productivity as a result.
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Powered by our unparalleled team of respected authors including legal practitioners, enjoy the confidence that you’re providing accurate and timely advice to your business or clients.

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