CCH iFirm Document Vault is a document management option built for the CCH iFirm ecosystem enabling integration with Contacts, Jobs, Client Portal, Intranet and MS Office apps.

CCH iFirm Document Vault features seamless digital document flows with your colleagues and your clients, improving efficiency and promoting collaboration and communication. Including:

  • Store documents against Contacts and Jobs in CCH iFirm Practice Manager* to easily access all relevant information from one location
  • Smart capture of emails and attachments to Contacts, and/or Jobs in CCH iFirm Practice Manager*
  • Two-way integration through the CCH iFirm Client Portal*. Share documents with clients for their review and signature
  • Automatic filing of client documents created from templates within CCH iFirm Intranet*
  • View email conversations in Contacts
  • View job-specific email conversations in Jobs in CCH iFirm Practice Manager*
  • Manage access and control who can do what with documents
  • Unlimited document versions – copy, download or revert to previous version
  • Tag documents – apply and retrieve by tags, auto append tags based on job type
  • Open and edit documents directly from CCH iFirm using MS Office
  • Automatic or manual creation of folders
  • Automatic back up
  • Set document retention dates
  • Deleted documents held in the recycle bin are reviewable and retrievable

    * separate subscription required

CCH iFirm offers two document management solutions:
1. CCH iFirm Document Vault, which is integrated into CCH iFirm platform. 
2. CCH Cloud Document Manager, a separate application which utilises the features of MS Office 365.
  CCH iFirm Document Vault CCH Cloud Document Manager
HOW AVAILABLE CCH iFirm Integrated Separate App
INTEGRATION Contacts, Jobs, Digital signatures, Client Portal, Intranet, Microsoft Outlook email including attachments Agnostic Integration with Contacts for vendor applications such as APS, Xero, MYOB, CCH iFirm
 MIGRATION Import tool CCH Consulting Team completes the set up
FILE PRESENTATION IN CCH iFIRM View/open/edit files from the centralized document view in CCH iFirm or from the specific Contact or job details page  View/open/edit files in Cloud DM 
 TEMPLATES Requires subscription to CCH iFirm Intranet  Yes
 STORAGE Provided by CCH iFirm  Client organises O365 storage with Microsoft 
 DEPENDENCIES CCH iFirm Microsoft O365 Business Standard and Microsoft FLOW subscription, Sharepoint 
 PRICING MODEL CCH iFirm subscription and storage cost based on estimated usage Storage based on tiered cost bands
 SUITED TO Firms already using CCH iFirm Practice Manager.

New clients implementing CCH iFirm

Larger firms, or firms that have high storage requirements.

Requires O365 subscription - firms already using O365 have the option to utilise its features by choosing this stand-alone option

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