With the CCH iFirm Practice Manager application, your accounting practice will benefit from efficiency and visibility like never before.

The Jobs & Billing module when combined with the Capacity Planning module, will provide you with super-fast job allocation, a suite of robust tools and intelligent reporting which allows you to achieve 100% transparency and accountability throughout your practice, every day. 
It is the accounting practice management software you need to run your practice effectively.

CCH iFirm Practice Manager
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Enhanced visibility and efficiency

Jobs & Billing is a practice management system that runs in real time. That means you know what’s going on and can take care of your capacity planning with finely tuned efficiency. Bottlenecks are easily identified, and their content reallocated. Jobs are spread evenly across your resource base and more intelligent automation makes life easier for everyone.

Super-fast job allocation

Resource allocation and job orders are handled with just a few mouse clicks. Smart workflow automation and seamless integration take care of all the administration in recurring jobs, allocating the relevant resources to ensure that time is saved, and work is not forgotten. And when the time comes, you have an invoicing program in place to handle billing quickly.

Pure simplicity in pricing work

From specific job fees, to a model that automates processes across your whole firm, Jobs & Billing handles pricing work with total simplicity. Once your model is set up, you have ultimate flexibility and convenience at every stage of the invoicing process – and when it comes to accounts receivable, you’ll never miss a beat.

Impressively stocked tool kit

With Jobs & Billing, everything is right where you would intuitively expect it to be – at your fingertips. It is a practice management solution like no other. Whatever screen you are working on, you will see all the tools you need to succeed. You can utilise existing workpapers, procedures or add your own to any job. And you can manage all content via the Intranet.

100% transparency and accountability

Automated e-mails across all aspects of your operation make sure everyone is informed and fully accountable for their work. Transparency is customary and encouraged — so it is easy to see what is going on at every stage, tracking both group and individual efficiency.

Reporting that really drills down

Jobs & Billing generates highly valuable reports on cash flow, revenue, workflow, profitability, employees, billing, receivables workflow and more. A customisable dashboard and a smart range of search filters tell you everything you need to know across the whole firm at a glance, so any issues can be dealt with as they occur.

Add capacity planning functionality to remove bottlenecks and more

Available for an additional cost, this new breakthrough technology automatically adjusts real-time capacity as timesheets are entered, jobs allocated, and staff records updated. You know exactly what staff resource is required each and every month of the year. And you will increase staff satisfaction with clear expectations of jobs — when they are required to be completed — and remove capacity bottlenecks. With recurring jobs, you can even view what future years look like for jobs, revenue and resourcing.

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