Internal communications and knowledge sharing become consistent and comprehensive with the CCH iFirm Intranet application.
This business accounting program has an easily searchable knowledge base that gives staff access to internal information and insight. Your firm’s procedures, templates, and training materials are also accessible as are your online invoices for review. CCH iFirm Intranet reduces time spent information-seeking and ensures best practices are followed.

Harness your firm’s intellectual property

Imagine how productive you will be when every single piece of knowledge, information and insight within your organisation is placed into one central knowledge base that can be easily searched, shared and edited through secure user authorisations. That’s what you get with CCH iFirm Intranet, a business accounting app that puts all your intellectual property at your fingertips.

Supreme productivity everywhere

Give your staff easy, user-friendly access to all procedures, templates and training material, the CCH iFirm Intranet application puts an end to searching through files for answers or hunting down the right people to ask. With this business accounting program, everything your team needs for supreme productivity is at their fingertips – saving time, task duplication and frustration.

Powerful integration

The CCH iFirm Intranet application integrates policies, procedures and workpapers seamlessly into the flow of your organization’s day-to-day process.

Better manage your practice and boost your productivity with the CCH iFirm ecosystem.
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