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Legal04 July, 2022

Before and after: the benefits of digitizing your governance sessions

The success of any governance meeting is contingent on efficient organization and the provision of a space that promotes and encourages collaboration. With employees spread across the globe, directors upping sticks to the country, meetings that vary greatly in their subject matter and participants, growing security concerns and increasingly cumbersome processes, optimized meeting organization and hosting is essential.

The digitization of meetings helps secure data and automate document generation. It also reduces costs, uses less paper and makes it easier for participants to attend sessions.

Below are the three main advantages of digitizing your governance meetings:

1. Document management:

Before: the generation, management and mailing of meeting-related paper documents (invitations, proxies, minutes, etc.) were subject to human error, were an administrative nightmare and had a much larger carbon footprint.

After: digitization solutions allow you to generate documents, send invitations, monitor attendance and send notifications to participants in just a few clicks. No need to keep track of countless paper documents – participants can find everything they need in the secure online space. This means the legal practitioner in charge of organizing the meeting can focus on tasks that add greater value.

2. Security:

Before: the use of emails to communicate with meeting participants and share sensitive information left your organization vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

After: thanks to the secure online participant space, you can share any important meeting-related information with attendees and improve the transparency of the decision-making process while ensuring your data remains confidential. Digitization can provide a solution to the growing number of risks to manage, particularly those related to cybercrime. 

3. Process automation:

Before: organizing and holding governance meetings was a tedious and time-consuming process. From managing documents to sending invitations and collecting proxies, the legal practitioners tasked with organizing these sessions shouldered a heavy administrative burden.

After: you can now create a session via a simple, automated step-by-step process, which takes past sessions into consideration and can be configured at any time with no risk of errors or omissions. With a scalable database containing all the relevant information for monitoring each meeting (such as dates of previous sessions, access to specialized documents, records of any decisions made and an updated list of voting members), organizing governance sessions is child's play!

To discover all the benefits that come with digitizing your governance meetings, download our dedicated white paper:
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