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Legal04 July, 2022

Digitizing governance meetings: debunking three common myths

Driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, the past two years have seen a shift towards digitized governance meetings with clear benefits for directors and organizers alike. Digitization means meetings can be held whatever the current public health situation. It also facilitates hybrid meetings and helps secure the exchange of sensitive and/or strategic data.

However, there are some common misconceptions about the digitization process that prevent some organizations from making the leap to digitized governance sessions. In this article, we will debunk three of these myths and show that the digitization of governance meetings is possible for every enterprise.

Myth no. 1: “Investing in a new technological solution is always complicated."

False! With a secure and flexible SaaS solution, you can simply and safely enhance the organization and running of governance meetings. It's important to assess how intuitive and user-friendly the tool is to ensure you make the best decision. The increase in efficiency and flexibility that every member will experience will make them digitization converts in no time.

Myth no. 2: “Email is the most efficient solution for collaborative work when it comes to governance sessions."

Also false! Emails are considered an easy target by hackers who know that spam and phishing attacks often grant them access to private company data. Sending confidential documents by email increases the likelihood that they will be intercepted by external actors with bad intentions. Email does not offer the high level of security required to ensure sensitive information remains confidential. Storing confidential documents in a secure space provides enhanced access control. Email is still an option but should be used judiciously when it comes to securing documents.

A shared portal is a better bet, allowing meeting participants to join videoconferences, view and annotate documents and ask any questions they may have. We recommend further enhancing the security of this portal via two-factor authentication or single sign-on (SSO) connection.

Myth no. 3: "Digitizing governance sessions means a lot of hard work."

False yet again! Simplicity and logic are the cornerstones of any digitization process. Digitization helps simplify the organization of meetings and ensures they run smoothly. A whole host of agile features are available whether you're working remotely, in the office or a combination of the two. Digitization allows you to simplify document management during meetings (through electronic invitations and the possibility to arrange proxy votes in a dedicated online space) and gives directors the ability to independently review agendas, annotate documents and monitor their schedule in the same space. With platforms like easyQuorum, you can hold secure digital or hybrid meetings. 

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