What's the best way to digitalise your Corporate governance?

31st May 2022 11:00-12:00 

The health crisis has profoundly changed corporate governance, forcing companies to adapt and rethink their operation. More than a crisis response solution, corporate digitalisation represents a long-term opportunity.

With Legisway, you can easily store and share all your company's legal information and manage your holdings and subsidiaries worldwide, plus you'll always have a precise overview of your organisation - ready for reports, audits or due diligence procedures.

Now you can digitise your General Meetings and other governance bodies thanks to the easyQuorum technology, integrated into Legisway.

Demo this new Corporate Management offering - an all-in-one solution, the most complete on the market!


Simon Winter - Sales Manager, Wolters Kluwer Legal Software
François Guillebaud - Sales Manager, Wolters Kluwer Legal Software
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