This three-phase workshop will take a small group of up to five users through a discussion of your data analytics goals and objectives. During the workshop, users will learn how to use TeamMate Analytics functionality. Users will also gain data analytics experience by practicing with a hands-on case study, including integrated analytics and a sample audit exercise personalized with your own data sets (up to two).

Key benefits

The Integrated Analytics Workshop is designed to understand your data analytics needs and train users on the latest features of TeamMate Analytics.

The Integrated Analytics Workshop gives users hands-on experience with real-world exercises using TeamMate Analytics, enabling users to become more comfortable performing these actions. A sample audit exercise using your own data adds another level of comfort on how the tool can be applied to your specific needs while providing users with the opportunity to ask questions.

The Integrated Analytics Workshop teaches TeamMate Analytics best practices and shows you how they apply to your organization, including what steps you need to take to reach your goals.

Product overview

The Integrated Analytics Workshop is a three-phased approach.

Phase 1 – Discussion: Customers can assign up to five individuals to participate in a discussion about your data analytic goals and objectives. Customer data sets (up to two) are identified to use for the sample audit exercise in TeamMate+.

Phase 2 – Case Study: Work with your consultant on a case study focused on expense data and TM+ integrated analytics to gain an understanding of how the tool works with a common scenario.

Phase 3 – Customer Data Sets and Sample Audit: Work with your consultant to use your own data sets with a sample audit to get real-world experience using the tool with your own data. A debrief or lessons learned is done after each exercise to build an action plan the customer can use to track progress.

Recommended Supplemental Services:
Customers may want to supplement this workshop with additional support hours through our Expert On Demand service, where you are billed only for the hours you require our assistance.

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