As COVID-19 vaccines are approved and released for distribution, pharmacists are navigating vaccine management with minimal information—but with the awareness that safe vaccine storage and handling will be essential. 

5 things hospitals need to know about managing and handling the COVID-19 vaccine

  1. Expect systems to evolve: Surprise: extra doses! Empower pharmacy administrators to make changes to keep up with information changing daily
  2. Track everything digitally: Hardcopy or Excel temperature monitoring and storage management tracking is not enough. Cloud-based tools ensure access anywhere, increase visibility and automate vaccine management workflow 
  3. Streamline & standardize compounding processes: Ensure standardized vaccine preparation and dilution, and control beyond-use dates to cut waste. 
  4. Keep up competencies: Update and schedule custom competencies on vaccine storage, dispensing, and administration
  5. Data, Data, Data: Report results effectively on compliance, completion volume, staff training, and quality 

You are not on your own — here’s how Simplifi 797 can help with vaccine management

Simplifi 797 is so turnkey, our team can get you started within a week with the vaccine temperature management and storage monitoring component to help ensure a secure and safe environment. Here's how our solution can help:

Simplifi 797®

Take the guesswork out of USP medication compounding compliance with a customizable, mobile, evidence-based solution.

Simplifi 797 provides the latest evidence-based guidance and helps navigate the complex USP Chapters 795, 797 and 800 processes to ensure inspection confidence and keep patients and staff safe.
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