Selecting the right journal is critical to making sure your paper gets published and Lippincott offers a wide range of medical, nursing, and allied health journals across several specialties. We also offer authors resources and tools to assist in navigating the process and ensuring your work is ready for publication.

We offer answers to critical questions about publishing your manuscript, answered by industry professionals. Don’t forget to share with students and colleagues!

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The preparation that goes into your manuscript increases the odds of acceptance.

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Access helpful hints for writing the perfect manuscript.

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You’ve gone through the preparation and writing of your work. Now comes the time to submit to a journal.

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Answer some of the key questions to publishing your manuscript, such as matters of copyright and key journal indexes.

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Now that your paper is published, it’s time to promote your work.

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The right journal is a big decision. Allow us to help in finding the right journal for your research.

The biggest thing for authors to remember [when submitting a manuscript] is this is a presentation of your work. It should be the best presentation; it should not have errors and it should be according to guidelines. That’s what tells me you really want to be published in the journal and it shows you are careful and detailed in your work—a big flag for me.
Shawn Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Nursing
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