Continuously improving clinical programs is a challenge.

At a time when resources are scarce, consumer demand and changing requirements from industry organizations—The Joint Commission, U.S. Pharmacopeia, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration to name a fewmake it an ongoing challenge to deliver the best patient care. We can help. 

We Help Healthcare Organizations Like Yours Make a Deeper Impact

We keep your Clinical Surveillance and Compliance programs current with regular updates and performance reporting that drive continuous improvement of all your programs. 

Transform the latest evidence-based guidance into practice earlier to improve outcomes.

How Wolters Kluwer's SoleSource applications help:

  • Quickly identify opportunities to improve care and performance before an issue arises.
  • Make it easy for clinicians to follow the policies and procedures in place by delivering the information needed via their typical workflow.
  • Easily manage and expand programs across a single facility or a multi-hospital system to standardize programs and reduce care variability.
  • Save time by automating daily and required inspection tasks to achieve compliance confidence.
  • Deliver data and insight required to inform continuous improvement via robust analytics for each program.
  • Use advanced technology, including AI models, to identify opportunities sooner and enhance clinical decision making.
  • Tackle new healthcare challenges, like COVID-19, with rules to identify patients quickly and metrics to monitor patients and streamline reporting.
We're using AI technology to remove barriers that slow clinical teams. 
POC Advisor uses natural language processing to integrate information contained in clinical notes into complex patient identification algorithms that enable the earliest and most accurate alerts for sepsis. Earlier detection and treatment has the biggest impact on survival and cost-efficiency. That's just one way we're advancing patient care with AI. 
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