CCH Pinpoint® Work Health & Safety Law increases your efficiency with powerful search providing seamless access to the right information at point of need, supported by tools, guides, source material and integration with Austlii.

CCH Pinpoint® Work Health & Safety presents you with a 360 degree view of the model Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations, providing easy access to annotations, jurisdictional variations, commentary, case headnotes and practical tools.

Stay up to date

Headnotes keep you abreast of how superior courts are interpreting and enforcing the harmonised WHS laws. Superior court decisions relating to OHS legislation in non-model jurisdictions are also included. Key topics include:

  • Practice and procedure
  • Safety governance
  • Right of entry
  • Serious safety incidents
  • Industrial manslaughter
  • Important concepts under the WHS Act
  • Industry-specific laws

Practical tools

You can attend to your client needs more efficiently with the help of practical tools, such as:

  • Template Policies and Forms that can be tailored for organisations.
  • Checklists assisting compliance with WHS duties.
  • A Comparative Table providing a comparison of the model WHS Act with repealed (model jurisdictions) and current (non-model jurisdictions) OHS laws.
  • WHS Sentencing Finder, helps WHS lawyers research sentencing patterns under the model Work Health and Safety framework. It is designed to help lawyers identify an appropriate range of penalty in the context of a variety of circumstances and factors, such as the type of incident, the duty holder, and the offence charged.
WHS Sentencing Finder Product Demo
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WHS Sentencing Finder Product Demo

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WHS Sentencing Finder

Watch our on-demand webinar for a live walk-through of our latest Comparative Verdicts Finder in our Work Health & Safety (WHS) practice area in CCH Pinpoint®.
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