CCH iQ is an entirely new type of product that combines the expertise of Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting research with actionable outcomes. When news such as new tax legislation triggers a “tax event”, our team analyses the change and turns it into real tax advisory opportunities for your practice. the system unpicks the change and provides you with a profile of clients who are impacted.

With this information at hand, as well as a profile of clients who are impacted, firms can reach out to clients to engage in discussions about the change and how it affects them.

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At the very foundation of the accountant-client relationship, compliance is critical to maintaining trust. The speed and complexity of legislative changes create heavy demands on an accountant’s time.

CCH iQ helps your firm protect and maintain your clients’ trust as well as drive business opportunities by providing you with actionable collaboration on tax changes.

Why CCH iQ?

  • Award-winning predictive intelligence to generate "trigger events" matched up to a client profile that would be affected by these changes
  • Proactively reach out to clients to offer a better client experience and higher client satisfaction
  • Gain access to practical tools including client letters, client newsletters, client impact statements, checklists, calculators tailored to each trigger event
  • Complement your compliance schedule with proactive tax advisory work
  • Identify value-added business opportunities with the click of a button
  • Brought to you by the experienced team behind the CCH Australian Master Tax Guide and Wolters Kluwer CCH Federal Budget Report

How does it work?

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1/ Trigger event
With unprecedented changes and announcements that impact the Australian tax & accounting industry, it’s challenging to stay up-to-date with how this affects you and your clients. Trigger events include case law, legislative changes, ATO rulings & announcements and macro-economic events.

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2/ Powerful 24/7 web crawling engine
Our in-house subject matter experts have identified websites which are crawled 24 hours per day, 7 days per week based on key words and phrases. This allows us to quickly identify news stories as they happen and recognise these as “trigger events”.

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3/ Client profile
A client profile is created to determine which types of clients in your database will or could be affected by this event.

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4/ Access practical tools
Once CCH iQ has helped you identify the impacted clients, you also get access to all the practical tools you need to create value add services to your clients through letters, newsletters, checklists, calculators, impact statements and more.

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How has CCH iQ helped other firms?

We can list the benefits of CCH iQ all day long, but we understand there’s nothing quite as impactful as hearing directly from other firms of their real examples. Learn how they have used CCH iQ to create opportunities for their firm and their customers.

  • Greenview Accounting Group
  • Thompsons Australia
  • Wise Accounting
Unless we have access to time to identify what is relevant for our clients we lose touch with them very quickly – compliance can be simply overwhelming. We believe that CCH iQ will be the filter that we need to ensure that we match events and potential impacts to specific clients – automating the compliance regime even further. This will benefit their business and, in turn, our business and I expect to see that this generates new business opportunities for us all.
Tracey Amott
Previously it was a challenge to come up with enough relevant content and CCH iQ has helped immeasurably. I can now search topics and commentary, access what is relevant at that moment in time for clients and grab what I need.
Greg Thompson
CCH iQ really legitimised the difference between Wise Accounting and a general accounting firm. Premium service is paramount for us and CCH iQ lets us easily automate actionable events in an easy to read format to our clients within 48 hours. We aim to be, and thanks to iFirm iQ believe we are certainly more proactive as opposed to reactive with our approach to accounting and advisory services.
Tyler Wise
Discover multi-award-winning predictive intelligence that takes the leg work out of staying up-to-date with tax developments and events.

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