Changes to the tax law and compliance rules happen often. Announced tax legislation changes may positively or negatively impact your clients.

However, until the changes become law, tax returns must be submitted reflecting the law at the time the return is done. This means that usually, the taxpayer must wait until the change becomes law and then amend the past tax return to reflect the change.

CCH iKnow Australian Tax Monitor makes it easy to check the status of any legislative tax change announced since 2010.

How does it work?

Accessible via the CCH iKnow research platform, this online database enables users to keep abreast of the progress of federal tax law changes announced since 2010. Users can search the online database using keywords, topics, or specific criteria, to check if an announcement has become law (with or without amendments) or has been abandoned.

Search within the following filters:

  • Year (from 2010)
  • Topic (e.g.) Income tax
  • Sub-topic (e.g.) Capital gains tax
  • Taxpayer (e.g.) Individuals
  • Source (e.g.) Federal Budget
  • Status (e.g.) Bill
  • Bill status (e.g.) Assent
Please contact us for more information or a complimentary 7-day trial of CCH iKnow Australian Tax Monitor.

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