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ComplianceJune 10, 2022

BowTieServer version 11 service pack 1 is out now!

BowTieServer version 11 service pack 1 is available now. Deployments or upgrades can take place from 5PM (UTC+2) onwards. This service pack gives you simplicity and easy access to your business applications for all users. Read on to learn more.

New features

Key features of this service pack are:

  • Cross-module user licenses: a simplified user license model for BowTieServer.
  • Feature switch: a mechanism that will help you manage what users can do in the software by giving access to features on a user group basis.

Learn what these features are and how they improve your user experience. Find more information in the release notes.


As this version has implications for the way licenses are currently deployed, please consult the frequently asked questions below before upgrading.

  • What happens with our current licenses after we upgrade to 11.1 or higher?

    Answer: The user licenses will be stacked (summed up) which means your user base will have fewer limitations than before.

    Example: You currently have BowTieServer 10.4 with the following amount of licenses:

    • WebViewer, Reports, Wiki: 3 concurrent licenses and 5 named licenses.
    • Audits: 3 concurrent licenses and no named licenses.
    • Incidents: 2 concurrent licenses and no 10 named licenses.

    After upgrading your licenses get converted to:

    • 8 concurrent licenses and 15 named licenses which are available system-wide.
    • 8 concurrent licenses consist of 3 WebViewer, Reports, Wiki concurrent licenses, 3 Audit concurrent licenses and 2 Incidents concurrent licenses.
    • 15 named licenses: consist of 5 WebViewer, Reports, Wiki named licenses, 10 Incidents named licenses.

    Compared to the old situation you won’t have users limited to only the available module licenses as every license will now grant access to the entire system depending on features activated.

  • What happens with the module access and features after we upgrade to 11.1 or higher?

    Answer: The system has become more granular and will allow you to have more control over features (and parts of features) the users of certain user groups can access.

    The following logic is applied:

    Feature activated in user groups on upgrade
     If this feature was applied in BowTieServer 11.0 or lower
     It will activate these features in BowTieServer 11.1 and higher
     WebViewer  BowTie Viewer
     Reports  BowTie Reports
     Wiki  Wiki
     Audits  Audits & Audit Reports
     Observations & Incidents
     Incidents & Incident Reports
     BowTie Web Editor
     BowTie Editor


    Additionally, features will be automatically activated in the “Authenticated Users” group as they already were active before the upgrade. These features are: Actions, Action Reports, HAZID and Reviews.

  • After the upgrade to BowTieServer 11.1 or higher I don’t see the “Activation” dropdown section when editing user groups, how do I manage user access?
    Answer: This is correct. As of BowTieServer 11.1 or higher, you can separately manage if a user group grants a system-wide named or concurrent license to its user base. Additionally, you can granularly manage which features can be accessed by the same user base.

End of support for version 10.2

With the release of BowTieServer version 11.1, we will stop support for BowTieXP and BowTieServer version 10.2. This does not mean that 10.2 will stop working, but that we don’t release patches anymore. We advise upgrading to version 10.4. or later to be assured of working with the latest features, to get bug fixes and security patches. As a general rule of thumb, we will always support the latest 2 major versions of the bowtie software. This means that from June 10th we will offer tech support from version 10.4 upwards.

Upgrade to version 11.1

Upgrading your existing BowTieServer to version 11.1 will require you to insert a new activation code. If you are planning your upgrade, please reach out to [email protected] to get a version 11.1 code!

In case your BowTieServer is hosted in the Enablon Cloud, reach out to your main contact to get more information and plan the upgrade accordingly.

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