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Tax & AccountingJune 21, 2024

CCH iFirm Workpapers enables efficiency, accuracy and data integrity

DFIA is a forensic accounting firm, specialising in digital forensics, forensic accounting, and OSINT investigations. The firm also provides tax & accounting services to a select group of clients. DFIA Director, Tyler Wise shares his experience of switching to CCH iFirm Workpapers.

Company Details

Name: DFIA
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  • Provides single point of truth
  • Ability to easily embed documents
  • Smoother review process
  • Data integrity through password protection
  • Easy to learn with training at your own pace
CCH iFirm Workpapers has exceeded my expectations. For anyone using CCH iFirm ledger [Client Accounting] and Tax I can’t see why you wouldn’t use these workpapers and start automating your compliance processes.
Tyler Wise, Director, DFIA

Early cloud software adopter

After many years of running a successful accounting practice – Wise Accounting – and receiving several state and national accolades including Partner and Firm of the Year, Tyler Wise made a career shift to cyber-security and digital forensics. Now, through his forensic accounting firm, DFIA, and cyber-security consultancy, Cyberwise, Tyler aims to bridge the gap between accounting and cyber-security to better support the industry. Tyler has been a long-time customer of CCH iFirm, relying on the software to run his firm and support compliance work at Wise Accounting and continuing now at DFIA.

“I loved the idea of a cloud solution, so I’ve been using CCH iFirm since day one of starting my accounting practice back in 2011 and now with my forensic accounting business as well. For example, because of the level of security and knowing where the data is stored, I can use CCH iFirm Client Portal to send security documents out.

“I’ve also used just about every CCH solution out there including CCH iKnow [now CCH iKnowConnect] and CCH iQ – which was perhaps the best marketing tool we ever used,” Tyler said.

“But the one thing I’ve always liked with CCH solutions is the level of innovation and integration. And CCH iFirm Workpapers has been no different.”

Innovation, integration and efficiency

CCH iFirm Workpapers launched in Australia in March 2024. Tyler Wise has been an early adopter.

“I’m excited about the product because it completely exceeded my expectations. I’ve used another (good) workpapers solution, and for a product to come along and challenge it so convincingly is amazing.

“For anyone using CCH iFirm ledger [Client Accounting] which also syncs data across to CCH iFirm Tax software, I can’t see why you wouldn’t use these workpapers and start automating your compliance processes,” Tyler said.

For Tyler, the benefits are efficiency, data integrity and the ability to rely on one ‘closed loop’ system to manage the whole tax compliance workflow.

“CCH iFirm ledger (Client Accounting) is my single point of truth. It is syncing the data across to CCH iFirm Tax, and now, CCH iFirm Workpapers are populating the ledger. It’s a closed loop, which makes it a more efficient process,” said Tyler.

“There are some great features too, for example, the ability to embed documents or hyperlink to document files. It enables a much smoother review process, and there’s small things too – like the colour coding, which gives me a quickview of what’s pending vs finalised.

“Password protection is extremely useful for me; the ability to lock a file down gives me confidence in the integrity of the data. As a forensic accountant, I use CCH iFirm Workpapers to help standardise the format and reports. There may be a need to submit workpapers as evidence in court; password protection means I can just send it as is, knowing the data integrity is intact.”

Onboarding at your own pace

The process of setting up CCH iFirm Workpapers and getting up and running was also a smooth one for DFIA.

“This was probably my best onboarding experience, because I was able to do everything at my own pace,” said Tyler.

“I got a very comprehensive email with step-by-step instructions, links to videos and live webinars. The help site set up for the product is comprehensive and easy to follow. Being able to through it in my own time, go back and check the info and recordings when needed worked very well.

“Overall, I have been genuinely impressed by this product – all the more so, given this is just the first iteration,” he added.

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