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Are you using Google Search Console yet?

Google Search Console is a free tool to help you manage your online presence.

With Google Search console you can easily see how your website appears on Google Search, understand where visitors are coming from and what terms they are using when searching to find your site.

You can also use Search Console to check that Google have indexed all of your important web pages – and find out any issues if they haven’t.

Watch this short video from Google to understand how you can benefit from using Search Console.

Google Search Console
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Adding Search Console to your website

The Web Design Team here at Wolters Kluwer have most likely already verified your website through Search Console when we launched your website and we will happily add your preferred Google/Gmail account as a full user to your linked property.

You will likely have a Google account already associated with Google Analytics for your website. If you’re not sure, you can check your Web Manager ‘Website Settings’ page under the Google Integration option or ask our team for assistance.

Alternatively you can re-verify yourself by logging into Search Console directly with your google account and choosing either Domain or URL verification. 

Google Search Console

URL verification requires you to add an individual ‘property’ for each version of your website url (i.e. www and non-www) and then verify through one of 4 options. Web Manager requires the ‘HTML tag’ option of URL verification, so please copy and paste the line of code as shown in the example below and send it to [email protected] so our team can add it to your website for you.

Domain verification (advanced) involves accessing your DNS records through your domain provider and adding a TXT record that Google can check and verify. The benefit of this is that Google can pick up all versions of your website url (i.e. www and non-www) in one go.

domain verification

What now?

Now that you have verified your website property, here are a few recommendations:

  • Check your website pages have been properly indexed
  • Regularly review what search terms people are using to find your website and make changes to improve search results
  • Visit the Search Console Help Centre or subscribe to their YouTube video series for info and tips directly from Google

For more helpful tips and videos, visit the Web Manager SEO tips and SEO Tools pages, or visit the Web Manager Resource Hub for more helpful tips and tools on how to get the best from your website

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