Books@Ovid offers a growing list of more than 11,400 current eBooks from the world’s most prestigious scholarly publishers, including one of the largest selections of core clinical titles.

Why Book Collections on Ovid?

  • Natural language searching makes it easy to find what you are looking for without complex search terminology
  • Access to eBooks from the world’s leading publishers including Lippincott, Wiley, Springer, Oxford University Press, and more
  • Relevancy ranking in search saves time by delivering the best possible results
  • Seamless linking to full-text journals and databases and even more resources outside of the Ovid environment
  • Flexible search and browse options
  • Customizable interface
  • Download and save chapters as PDFs, leverage images and figures with export to PowerPoint
  • Export citations in APA, AMA, and MLA formats
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What’s new?

Enhanced new book reader

The enhancements to the reading experience include:

  • Responsive design to adapt to your device
  • Improved search and navigation within a title
  • Customizable text size, alignment, spacing, and more
  • Citation export feature for book and chapter in APA, AMA, or MLA format
  • Video content, for titles that include it, now displays in-line, allowing users to access video files with the text they are reading
  • Exporting of content to PowerPoint – users can now leverage book content to build presentations easier with proper citation

View demo to learn more about new features

Screenshot of New Ovid book reading experience video
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Lippincott Book Collections

Cost-effective collections of high-quality books from one of the world’s leading medical publishers.

Choosing the right set of books for your institution can be difficult—selecting one title over another takes time along with budget concerns. That is why collections are a quick, cost-effective method of expanding your book offerings. Ovid has a wide variety of collections featuring premier titles published by Lippincott. Whether you are interested in a small set of books based on a specific specialty, medium-sized specialty or even more comprehensive collections, you can choose what fits in with your needs and budget.

LWW Doody’s Collections

Each title in the following collections has been selected by academically-affiliated healthcare professionals and medical librarians as core or essential titles and rated on a 0-3 rating system. LWW Doody’s Collections include:

LWW Doody’s Core Collection

More than 200 premium books published by LWW in medicine, nursing, and health sciences that have been designated as Doody’s Core Titles™ have been selected by academically-affiliated healthcare professionals and medical librarians, and are considered must-have resources for practitioners, researchers, and students. Available as a one-time purchase for perpetual access on Books@Ovid.

LWW Doody’s Essential Collection

Over 50 premium books from LWW are Doody’s Core Titles that have been recommended as ESSENTIAL purchases for institutions—especially those with limited budgets—seeking to expand their medical resource portfolio. Available as a one-time purchase for perpetual access on Books@Ovid.

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