Key Benefits

Expert on Demand streamlines the process of connecting with a TeamMate expert when you need them most. Establishing your service in advance eliminates having to go through a procurement process every time you need functional help.

Expert on Demand can assist with additional configuration requirements, set up new functionality, provide supplemental training, and answer your “how do I” questions.

The service is provided on a time and material basis, meaning you are only charged for the hours you use.

Product Overview

Customers assign one or more authorized individuals who will route your requests to our TeamMate Professional Services central delivery desk. Once we receive your email, we assign one of our expert consultants to the request, and he or she will contact you. The minimum charge time is one hour per email request.

Customers may sign up for as many consulting hours as they need, starting at a minimum of 10 hours. Typical arrangements run 12 months. At the end of each month, you are only billed for the hours used.

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