We believe that an effective audit solution requires the examination of three critical components: the process, the technology deployed, and the people who are using it.

This service, combined with our vast experience implementing thousands of TeamMate systems worldwide, is designed to help you get the most out of your solution and ensure you achieve the desired outcomes.

Key benefits

Your current use of TeamMate is analyzed to determine which features should be enabled to deliver more value from your solution. This is especially useful for customers who may not be up to date with our latest TeamMate product releases.

  • Findings and recommendations from the review are designed to get you where you want to be in terms of audit maturity.
  • Actionable steps are laid out for you to implement alone or with TeamMate Professional Services as an optional partner.

Product overview

The Audit Solution Review starts with a workshop where we:

  • Summarize and review in detail your TeamMate Audit Benchmark self-assessment
  • Understand where you would like to make improvements
  • Examine existing system setup, process design, and end-user skills
  • Provide a list of findings and recommendations for you to consider

As an add-on option, TeamMate Professional Services can implement the technical changes on your behalf (if time permits, small configuration changes can be made as part of this service). Post-workshop, we conduct a check-in meeting with you to assess the effectiveness of the recommendations you have deployed and review improvements based on the TeamMate Audit Benchmark Maturity Map.

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