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Our Medi-Span® Clinical APIs* and expert services provide a unique approach to the way clinicians encounter drug alerts in their workflow. Unlike traditional drug decision systems that send generic alerts at the end of the workflow, Medi-Span serves precise alerts in the EMR as clinicians fill medication data fields for their patient, so that they can adjust along the way. What’s more, pharmacists and nurses are alerted if new lab results arise or a patient’s profile changes after a drug order is placed.

Researchers at the National Cheng Kung University Hospital in Taiwan recently found that Medi-Span delivered 21% fewer alerts than another existing system, and that those alerts captured more severe potential ADEs. They estimated that the prevention of adverse events saved 111 bed days within a five-month period.*

Why choose Medi-Span Clinical APIs and our expert services?

Precision medication screening requires careful planning, coordination, and strategic implementation into the EMR. By working with us, an accelerated path to rollout is possible with the smart mix of AI technology, the team’s expertise, and best practices gained from more than 140 successful implementations in health systems around the world.

With our Med-Span Clinical APIs* and expert services, you can:

  • Support organizational goals, such digital transformation, or international accreditations like HIMSS EMRAM 6 and 7, or JCI.
  • Decrease alert fatigue and overrides and increase best practice adoption by clinicians.
  • Monitor the use of drug alerts and optimize screening and notification settings.
  • Close the medication decision loop, with support from prescription through administration.
  • Align clinical decisions across teams and services.

Our customers agree*

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76% say that Medi-Span helps improve patient outcomes

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80% say that Medi-Span helps reduce medication errors

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More than 50% report cost savings

* Data on file

Information for healthcare professionals only. Medi-Span® Clinical APIs is a CE-marked medical device. Before use, please carefully read the warnings and instructions for use.

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