Help provide patients effective therapeutic outcomes through medication therapy management

When patients better understand the goals of their therapy, it can increase medication adherence and reduce costly unwanted hospital readmissions. Medication Therapy Management (MTM) fosters collaboration between pharmacists and patients who take multiple medications and/or have multiple chronic conditions. Through monitoring and counseling, healthcare professionals work with patients to achieve safer and more effective therapeutic outcomes — and in a way that can reduce total annual health expenditure.

Reliable MTM can aid in reducing costs and improving outcomes

Medi-Span helps you master your Medication Therapy Management (MTM) workflow with aligned, interrelated drug information resources. We help you achieve this by integrating trusted, regularly updated drug data files and Web-based drug references into your healthcare management system. Using resources from a single provider gives you convenient access to complementary drug information and aligned functionality to help further improve efficiency and enhance patient outcomes.

With trusted Medi-Span databases helping your MTM processes, you can:

  • Help your patients/members understand the goals of therapy, encouraging better medication adherence
  • Improve patient outcomes, thereby reducing costs and reducing hospital readmissions
  • Aid in completion of CMS-required Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR)
  • Increase rates of patient/member satisfaction and help positively impact your CMS Star Ratings
  • Cultivate better communication and increased trust between patients/beneficiaries, your organization and providers

Learn more about Medi-Span solutions that can help with MTM.

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