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ComplianceFinance2월 24, 2021

Manage your portfolio to maintain perfection

Filing your Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) statements is the culmination of one process — and the beginning of another. To maintain perfection you must manage the lien throughout the lending lifecycle. 

Lien Solutions can help you maintain your whole portfolio of liens no matter where they were filed. Our Account Overview tools are part of the user-friendly iLien dashboard that makes it easier to manage your workflow.  

Our intuitive dashboard aggregates information nationally across all available jurisdictions. The dashboard provides information on: 

  • Search-to-reflect – Be sure your interest in collateral is perfected. You will get the results from searching your own filing to ensure your filing is properly indexed, and be alerted if another creditor has filed a UCC or other lien after you performed your own pre-lending due diligence. 
  • Data/image repository – Lien Solutions can help you create a data and image repository to provide you with an orderly way to store and retrieve search and filing-related documents and images.
  • Reporting – When managing a large portfolio, the ability to stay on top of all of the details is key. Our flexible and customizable reporting makes this easy for you.
  • Monitoring – Business names change, borrowers fall out of good standing, customers repledge their collateral. You can be automatically alerted when changes take place so you can maintain your perfection. 
  • Lien expiration – All liens expire; be alerted before a lien expires, or you can use Auto Continuation so your lien does not lapse. 

Know More. Do More.


  • Convenient dashboard provides quick overview
  • Customize your preferences 


  • Stay on top of post-filing changes
  • Avoid potentially costly surprises 


  • Make more informed lending and business decisions 
  • Act quickly to help maintain your position 

Learn more about how you can identify vulnerabilities and take actions to keep your portfolio safe. 

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