woman concerned about managing liens
ComplianceFinance12월 17, 2020

5 things you can't afford to overlook when managing your lien filings

The modern financial landscape is littered with potholes that can trip you up if you’re not careful. If lenders do not secure their assets because of an overlooked nuance, the ability to collect if something goes wrong is affected or completely compromised.

While it can be extremely difficult to keep track of all the granular aspects of the UCC and secured lending, there are ways to mitigate the inherent risks. This paper considers five things that a lender simply cannot afford to miss when managing their lien portfolio. If they are addressed properly, a lender can confidently perfect their interest in a loan.

For example, did you know:

  • Naming wrongs – Even the smallest difference can cause a mountain of problems
  • Liens expire – And you must renew the lien with a UCC-3 to maintain your position

Download the paper to learn the three remaining common pitfalls that may make your liens unperfected. 


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