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A complete relationship for comprehensive solutions

With rich capabilities across all jurisdictions, we provide the single relationship you need to simplify the complexities of search and filing, reduce errors, and optimize results.

Meeting your needs across the lending cycle

We’re your one-stop shop for support at every stage of the lending cycle. We have decades of experience supporting high-volume, high-risk, multijurisdictional secured transactions. The expertise of our teams and our comprehensive iLien platform help you simplify complexities and mitigate risks across the life of a loan.

A comprehensive look at iLien services 

Lien Solutions can help you throughout the life of a loan. Our comprehensive solutions can help you with: 

  • Accelerate your search – Put the industry’s most advanced, automated suite of search and filing tools at your fingertips with file sharing, storage, and streamlined access across all jurisdictions
  • Comprehensive workflow – As the lien solutions leader, we deliver comprehensive lien management, including underwriting debtor due diligence and life-of-loan risk management solutions
  • More accurate outcomes – Better tools provide better outcomes; automatically monitor filings by other parties and changes to existing filings
  • Close the loop on loan filings – Be confident that contract terms and requirements are fulfilled, best practices are followed, compliance is ensured, and risk is mitigated
  • Documenting success – Our flexible solution for filing and documentation ensures vital servicing docs are found and filed, always available and updated
  • Continuous management insight – We provide comprehensive lien solutions and support, from loan application to the end of a loan 
  • Superior loan servicing – Continue to expedite and simplify your workflow at the individual, departmental, and enterprise level
  • Retain control – With ongoing management services to help protect the interest in collateral, our comprehensive system ensures you're in control 

Download our brochure to learn more about comprehensive solutions for lenders. 

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