FinanceMay 31, 2022

Panel discussion: Reframe your ESG as a competitive advantage

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With investors looking for opportunities that combine financial return with a positive contribution to the environment and society, how can CFOs reframe their ESG as a competitive advantage that deliver value?

In this on-demand webinar, Daniel Viertel, CCH Tagetik Business Director, New Entry Market together with executive leaders from Singtel & Optus, Datalogic, JAPFA, and PWC Singapore, unveiled the best practices in transforming ESG aspirations into monetizable value.

Listen to experts share their strategies for:

  • Creating driver-based models that turn ESG insights into action and real business value
  • Use ESG data to improve sustainability plans (and your bottom line)
  • Use of Technology to streamline data collection, calculation, KPI Disclosures and enable convergence of ESG initiatives and financial performance.

View the on-demand webinar

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