FinanceMay 25, 2022

Digital summit: How can CFOs drive transformation, now?

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This on-demand webinar covers the trends and challenges faced by Finance organizations. With the impacts from Covid and changes in regulations, the Finance team must transform to become the trusted business advisor and not just produce numbers. To become the trusted business advisor, Finance needs to access the new Gold for business, which is the ability to combine financial and non-financial data to produce lead and lag performance indicators from a single source corporate management planning system. This would enable the finance teams to complete a faster close process and provide the ability to analyze the data and provide answers quickly, so Finance becomes predictive rather than reactive.

The three items that the teams can takeaway

  1. The challenges and trends facing finance
  2. Finance needs to challenge the existing status quo of how tasks are done and ensure they are using the best of breed processes/ systems
  3. There needs to be a single source of truth incorporating financial and non-financial data

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