FinanceSeptember 19, 2023

CCH® Tagetik product showcase for Workforce Planning

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Workforce planning is a critical process for CFOs, enabling them to align their organization's workforce with financial goals and drive strategic success. By analyzing and forecasting these needs, CFOs can ensure they have the right talent in place to meet financial objectives and respond to market demands. Effective workforce planning empowers CFOs to proactively address talent gaps, optimize workforce productivity, and make informed decisions on recruitment, training, and talent retention.

In this product showcase for CCH Tagetik Workforce Planning, we'll delve into how we can leverage on the pre-built templates for Workforce planning with easily set rules, with less or no IT intervention.

You'll learn how to:

  • Project individual employee compensation
  • Accurately reflect future expenses by department
  • Manage global and local assumptions
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Workforce Planning by CCH Tagetik
Improve compensation planning with a solution that is quick to implement and easy to use.
CCH® Tagetik
Workforce Planning by CCH Tagetik
Optimize your human capital with CCH Tagetik Smart NOW Workforce Planning
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