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CCH Tagetik allows your users to leverage their considerable Excel skills to interact with CCH Tagetik forms and functionality. However, they are protected from many of the negatives of working in Excel. By restricting users to editing only specified areas and by pulling the data directly from the database, you no longer have the problem of broken links or inaccurate numbers. You can continue to user formulas, but with CCH Tagetik you can add comments and attachments allowing for an enhanced Excel experience for all users.
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Enhancing the Excel experience with CCH Tagetik.

As you're aware, CCH Tagetik comes as a web interface, but it also integrates with Microsoft Office, specifically PowerPoint Word and Excel.

Today we are going to focus on Excel.Here, CCH Tagetik is represented by a couple of ribbons, alongside of regular Excel ribbons, it doesn't take away from any of your existing Excel functionality, in fact it enhances itand familiarity will allow your colleagues to integrate and work with it right away, yet without the inherent negatives of it working in Excel, for example we save all of our workbooks to the gallery ,what this means is that CCH Tagetik security will manage how and who can interact with these forms after they've been deployed.

The layout is intended to be intuitive, should we decideto make a change to one of these white cells, the system will warn you that they're protected, so we can't inadvertently break the underlying logic of the workbook, we can however make changes appearin the coloured cells and we can immediately see their impact, what's more if we make more changes at a less granular level, we can take advantage of any of the CCH Tagetik spreading.Additionally, if I want, we can actually embed a formula directly into the workbook.So in this case we're going to say that red is a function of employment expense, now we can just use our Excel skills to drag this to the right, but we can then go in later on and adda comment or an attachment to explain to our colleagues how we came up with this formula or what's more we can actually save the formula back to the CCH Tagetik database, so next time we open this form we'll actually see this formula.We can always open up the grouping areas but in CCH Tagetik we can actually select on any one of these values and see the underlined transactions that make up the balance, we then can take advantage of the intelligent hyperlinks, which will take us on to the next appropriate form.

Once we've finished we just need to hit save and this will actually save all these numbers and the formula is backed up to CCH Tagetik database.Later, in navigation mode, we can now see all these numbers alongside our other that are on the budget numbers, in this case in a P&L statement but, as you can see here, none of these numbers are linked,so no fear of broken links making mistakes in our analysis, instead we know these numbers are always current.

Now in this case you can see that this number is actually a variance but we can actually drill down on variances in CCH Tagetik by simply double-clicking and selecting any dimension that we want to see this number broken out at.

Additionally, if I want to take these numbers and see them in a pivotCCH Tagetik will lay them out in the pivot and allow me now to slice and dice across any group of dimensionality, thus furthering our analysis.

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